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Mark my words... - Jason
Mark my words...
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rs232 From: rs232 Date: February 21st, 2008 09:10 pm (UTC) (Link)
This reminds me a lot of the rise of Clinton (Bill). The media grabbed onto him, and people started to really like him. But, as I recall, he had no platform, so he had to take some time off and figure out what he was running on.

It also reminds me that at this point in Clinton's career, he still had 2 strong candidates, both the President Bush (the first one), and Ross Perot. Even though, looking back Ross probably never had a shot, he did splash onto the scene and cause quite a stur.

This will be an interesting year in national politics. I'm glad that if it is Obama V. McCain, we have two good choices to choose from.

Or at least that is how it appears to me now...
royrossi From: royrossi Date: February 22nd, 2008 05:16 am (UTC) (Link)
I have SOME disagreements with McCain's views, but I can live with that because I agree with him on the most important area and also because I think well of his character.

I probably disagree with MOST issues with Obama, but that is to be expected. He is liberal and I veer conservative/libertarian. Perhaps I'd agree with him on a few social issues.

An important issue for the country is to try to not have half the country personally HATING the president when he/she first walks in the door. I don't blame presidents for being hated, but it is what it is. It generally comes from knowing too much going in. I don't see either of them being hated by any large numbers as much as the last 2 presidents. That helps. I can tell you that even though I would disagree with his ideas, I would not feel any contempt for Obama if he wins.

He does not remind me of Clinton. Clinton was the best organized and presumed frontrunner going into the 1992 primaries. He then became the target, both self-caused and then exploited by his enemies right and/or wrong, of many negative personal issues which unfortunately superseded his policies.

He actually reminds me more of Reagan (obviously not policy-wise) in being likeable and more of Kennedy as a popular rock star type. I don't mean Rock star in a negative tone. Being a rock star politician simply helps get voters out who would otherwise stay home. And being a politician is not just about policies, it's about WINNING.

Hillary and Romney, although they had very well defined views, just didn't seem to catch on personally (I am not YET writing Hillary off until we see what happens on her firewall states of Texas and Ohio).

I also think a lot of this comes down to how BAD do you want it, and I think the 3 left standing want it the most. The opposite of this was Gulianni, who as the one time Republican front runner obviously didn't want to do the HARD work required to become president. While I don't agree with and personally do not like Hillary, I will never question her work ethic. I just think her message and style comes across too 90's and Obama is pulling ahead because he has found a newer and better way to deliver the liberal cause.

I understand people's (and Hillary's) complaints about substance, but Obama is doing what he needs to do to WIN to GET in that position of power. Most people have only a glimpse of these issues and they get their opinions listening to lightweights.

Ross Perot was indeed a "splash". He actually was ahead of Bush and Clinton by a small margin at one point, suddenly dropped out, then came back. Conclusion - He was NOT presidential material.

I REALLY hope personal issues on either don't rise up. I know that is hard because in politics it's VERY hard to not get dirty while being a politician. But I hope both of them have no undeniable PERSONAL skeletons that will dominate the discussions.
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