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New Years... Thoughts... - Jason
New Years... Thoughts...
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royrossi From: royrossi Date: December 7th, 2009 06:58 pm (UTC) (Link)
Then I would not hold off not speaking of it. I would not be manipulated into keeping quiet by irrelevant charges of being negative or creating drama.

The test is whether you honestly think another intelligent person, upon observing what you observe, would make the same conclusion that something is corrupt or BS. "Corruption" and "Lying" are not subjective. And I can even understand the feelings of hate when you see victims of such blatant and abusive behavior.

The slippery slope is when you become hateful over disagreements on much less than black and white complex issues. When I see people becoming hateful over issues of abortion, war, taxes, health care, ect, then they have lost it, whereby their emotions become more important than their reasons and they feel righteous indignation over a disagreement whereby they dismiss the other side as being stupid simply because they disagree. We see this going on in the national arena.

But if you hate someone because they are not acting in the best interests of those they profess to be because of a lack of ethics for that position (whether it be office holder or personal relationship), that is understandable.

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